Introducing Skeletron

Skeletron is a Mac app that packages everything you need to publish a blog.

Static Web Development for Mere Mortals

Instead of you hunting around, installing a bunch of tools, figuring out how they work exactly and giving up on your weekend project before it even started, we’ve assembled some of the best open source projects and packaged them in a beautiful (native!) Mac app. So what have we got?


A blazing fast, easy to use static site generator. Hugo is bundled with Skeletron, and we run and monitor the server for you so you have a nice, live reload preview of whatever you’re working on.

Markdown Editor

Skeletron contains a Hugo and blog aware markdown editor, so you can drag in an image and we’ll put it in the right directory and insert the correct markdown into your post.

Git Client

Use the built-in Git client to version your content and keep everything nice and safe on Github (or Gitlab, or wherever).

You can also add a separate repository where you keep the static site that Hugo generated for you and use Skeletron to publish your site on Github or Gitlab Pages.